4 Things to Know About Skid Steer Land Leveler Attachments

If you’re looking to grade soil, a skid steer land leveler might be your best option. Sure, some operators might try to get by using a bucket, but grading soil with a bucket is going to take a lot of time to master (and take even more patience). From the get-go, a land leveler is going to work better and keep frustration away.

Skid steer land plane vs. gradeR leveler vs. ground leveler

Whether you call it a ground leveler, a grader leveler, or a land plane, this attachment is what you need to level ground for your project and works well with just about any soil type.

Watch our land leveler at work:

Skid Steer Land Leveler Attachments

In order to get the best attachment for your purposes, here are a few things you should know about land levelers.

1. You Can Do More than Grade Soil

Owners and operators quickly learn that there’s more to a land leveler than grading soil. It’s great for:

  • Clearing weeds around trees, buildings, and fence lines
  • Grading and maintaining driveways
  • Peeling and removing sod
  • Ripping up hard ground
  • General cleanup

Any of these applications can be quick work by using a skid steer land leveler. 

2. Permanent Edges Vs Replaceable Edges

Land leveler attachments come with two edges on the bottom. Some manufacturers weld them on, while others bolt them on. Since land leveler edges eventually end up needing to be replaced, permanent edges end up being a pain in the long run. In order to replace welded edges, you need to torch them off and weld new ones on — whereas a bolt-on edge is more user-friendly and easier to replace.

All Virnig Land Leveler attachments come with bolt-on edges. When it comes to replacement, this design will save time and labor by not having to weld. As an added benefit, Virnig edges are reversible. This means that you get twice the usage out of each edge.

3. The Scarifier OptionVirnnig Land Leveler Scarifier

A Hydraulic Scarifier is a land leveler option that allows you to break up compact ground. A scarifier can be raised and lowered from the cab. The Virnig Scarifier digs up to six inches deep and is removable, making it easy to repair or clean.

4. Weight Matters

When you’re determining the overall quality of a land leveler attachment, look at the attachment’s overall weight. Land levelers are simple pieces of equipment, so most of their weight is going to be in the frame.

A heavier land leveler means more steel went into the frame. You’ll also want to look at the width and thickness of each leveler’s cutting edge. A thicker, wider cutting edge is typically going to be stronger and have a longer wear life.

Get the land leveler that's right for you

All skid steer land levelers are not created equal. When it comes to choosing the right attachment for you, be sure to consider the factors listed above. Check if the edges are permanent or replaceable, consider whether the scarifier option is right for your project, and always pay attention to the weight of the attachment.

Ready to level out your project? Find a dealer near you and explore which Virnig land leveler is right for you.

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