NEW from Virnig! Digging Tree Puller - Skid Steer Attachment


The Digging Tree Puller - Virnig MFg's Newest Skid Steer Attachment

Digging-Tree-Puller_Open_Left-FeaturedWe are thrilled to introduce our latest attachment – the Digging Tree Puller. This powerhouse is designed to dig, pull, and remove trees, stumps, and rocks with ease.

Virnig's Digging Tree Puller is a groundbreaking innovation that uproots obstacles with its 32" jaw opening, 14" base opening, and 42.5" digging depth. 

Not only can you grab and maintain control of trees closer to the loader for greater pulling capacity, but also punch deep into the ground for stubborn roots, stumps, and rocks.  

Let's delve into the key features that set Virnig's Digging Tree Puller apart from the rest.

1. Replaceable Cutting Edges

The Digging Tree Puller boasts unique, replaceable cutting edges with a beveled design that make light work of punching through hard soil, cutting roots, and grubbing trees. This feature ensures durability and sustained performance, even in the toughest terrains.

Other pullers' front edges are more difficult to replace and won't dig into hard ground as easily. Compare Virnig on the below left image with a couple competitors on the right.


2. Fixed Jaw for Maximum Strength

The fixed jaw provides maximum strength, adding stability while centering objects during the approach. With two moving jaws, it's more difficult to center the jaw on objects as you approach.  A fixed jaw also helps the Digging Tree Puller drive into the ground easier.

3. Aggressive Digging with AR400 Serrated Jaws 

Featuring 1" thick AR400 serrated jaws and replaceable Series 23 teeth, this attachment delivers aggressive digging power for the toughest jobs.


4. Tree Stabilizing Serrations

The Digging Tree Puller comes equipped with tree stabilizing serrations on the guard top and jaw base. This enhances control and precision, ensuring a secure grip on objects throughout the removal process.

Pulling out a Tree - 800px

5. Enhanced Safety with Forward-Angled Guard

A 3/8" thick guard, angled forward and on corners, serves a dual purpose. It ensures falling trees are directed away from the loader, enhancing safety during operations. It also provides easier entry and exit of the cab.


Vertical-tree-puller-guardsCompetitor guards like the ones shown here sit vertically, which makes it difficult to get in and out of the cab. They don't shed falling trees away from the loader as easily and don't allow as much rollback during operation.

6. Robust Cylinder Design

Boasting a 3.5" diameter cylinder protected inside the frame and reinforced with a hard stop, this attachment is built to withstand stress. The result is a reliable and durable solution for your toughest jobs.

7. Accessibility and Cleanout

The open-back design allows quick access to the cylinder and facilitates easy dirt cleanout. Efficiency meets convenience, ensuring minimal downtime between tasks.


Danuser-Intimidator-cylinderOne pain point with other pullers is that dirt packs inside the frame and around the cylinder, which wrecks hoses or the cylinder. We’ve added an extra piece of steel between the jaws to allow as little dirt as possible from entering. If some dirt does get through, our open-back design allows easier dirt cleanout and access to the cylinder.

Another pain point with other pullers is that the cylinders are mounted to the outside of the jaws, which means they’re constantly working in the ground and have a tendency to fail. They use a guard over the cylinder which will eventually fill with soil until the cylinder fails. 

8. Effective Soil Back-Dragging

With a 3" tall rear back plate, the Digging Tree Puller excels in effective soil back-dragging. This feature adds versatility to its capabilities, and allows a cleaner work area.

9. Optimized Hose Routing

Safeguarding hoses from potential damage and downtime, the optimized hose routing ensures longevity and reliability in the field. No more worries about wear and tear during heavy-duty use.


In conclusion, the Digging Tree Puller is not just an attachment; it's a testament to innovation and functionality. If you're looking to elevate your land management game, this powerhouse is ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Explore the difference – experience the Digging Tree Puller advantage today.

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