New, Improved V60 Steel Edge Snow Pusher

At Virnig, we're always looking for ways to improve our products. Recently, we received feedback on our V60 Steel Edge Snow Pusher (SESP) from our customersWe made some improvements to our design based on that feedback while taking care to maintain the features that we’ve heard many of our customers appreciate. 

Keep reading to learn more about the redesign.

Skid Shoes  

  • Increased the height of the skid shoes to rise above most curbs and other obstacles
  • Tapered the outside edge
  • AR400 steel pads to increase durability
  • New skid shoes will also fit older SESP models even with the optional pull back installed

Old SESP Skid Shoe DesignNew SESP skid shoe designThese skid shoe updates decrease chance of the skid shoe from getting caught on obstacles such as curb drains. 

Improved Bracing and Internal Support Redesign

  • Strengthened the upper bracing 
  • Added lower bracing  
  • Increased width and material thickness of the cross brace 
  • New internal beveled gussets increase strength of the side plates 
  • Gussets only protrude 2 ¾" from the side plate 

Old SESP bracing support designNew SESP bracing support designThis improved bracing decreases the chance of twisting and bending when hitting a wall or curb. The updated internal support decreases chance of bending and allows snow easily pass by it.  

In addition to the quality and performance updates, you will also notice our full snow line got a few great branding changes including maroon accents and new branding decals. 

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