All About the Virnig Power Rake [Video]

Power rake attachments are a must when you’re looking to rake, grade soil, and remove debris. Sure, all of this can be done manually, but expect to put in a lot more hours — and effort — to get the job done. On the other hand, having the right equipment for the job helps you make the best use of your time and stay safe while you’re at it. With the Virnig Power Rake, operators notice better performance and benefit from its additional features.

Here’s how one customer reviewed our power rake attachment:  

“We purchased a Virnig power rake a couple of years ago because we liked the way it was designed and built for constant use in all types of soil, our customers love it. It sits right next to two other brands of landscape rakes and it is always chosen first, we have landscapers that will wait until it comes back instead of getting one of the other brands. Great product.”

-Sanford Britt, TN (

Virnig’s Skid Steer Power Rake

The Virnig Power Rake is designed and built with quality and performance as top priorities. Unlike other skid steer power rakes, it stands up to daily use and has wide, solid wheels. Take a moment to watch this video of our skid steer power rake in action:



Power Rake Attachment Features

As you saw in the video, the Virnig Power Rake has multiple features.

  • Guarded direct drive Eaton motor rated up to 25 GPM
  • Floating design keeps the rake level for an even finish
  • Tilt the quick tach forward to apply full down pressure
  • Quality made carbide tip teeth for extended wear life
  • Bi-directional drum works soil in either direction
  • Optional hydraulic angle available
    • Utilizes in-cab controls to angle 25 degrees in either direction
  • Solid urethane filled tires eliminate flats

Additionally, our power rake’s retractable wheels allow operators to get closer to obstacles like trees or flower beds, and the tires don’t leave ruts when you operate in reverse. This eliminates the need to go back and hand rake over your work. Plus, the rake comes with standard removable end plates that help contain raked debris.

All-in-all, the Virnig Power Rake has the features and capabilities to perform durable, consistent work in many different soil types.

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