NEW Root Rake Grapple Attachment Available

We are excited to announce the new Root Rake Grapple attachment built for skid steers and track loaders. Here is a short summary of what this grapple attachment is all about.

The Root Rake Grapple is intelligently designed to move hard-to-handle materials such as brush, logs, tree stumps, and loose hay. The two-cylinder grapple jaw opens to over four feet tall and clamps tightly around debris.

The Virnig Root Rake Grapple is ideal for piling and loading logs and brush. It also allows for quick and cost effective jobsite clean up. The grapple is designed to scrape with loader arms against boom stops for digging, raking, and loading debris. This versatile brush grapple attachment can also be used for agricultural, landscaping, construction, and demolition purposes.



These new brush grapples are built with an open back to increase operator visibility while the skeleton design allows dirt to fall through. The strength of the grapple jaw and tines is significantly increased with ½” grade 80 laser-cut steel plate rated at 80,000 PSI minimum yield strength.

The root grapple also features:

  • Corrosion, dent, and flake resistant NitroSteel® cylinder rods.
  • Replaceable Teflon® coated bushings to provide lubrication.
  • Standard cylinder guards to protect the cylinders from damage and keep you working.

The Root Rake Grapple is available in either a 6-ft. or 7-ft. size and features replaceable, Series 23 cast steel teeth that cut deep into and underneath stubborn roots and debris. Machine specific hydraulic package completely protects the hose routing.

Download the Root Rake Grapple Spec Sheet or visit your local Virnig Dealer to discuss product and pricing information.

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