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Hello, we are Virnig Manufacturing. We engineer and manufacture skid steer loader attachments in the small town of Rice, MN. We have plenty of valuable information to share with you and are excited to start our very own blog! To start, here is some information about us.

Our Employees

At Virnig we believe our most valuable resource is our experienced, professional staff. We have over 50 employees with more than 380 years of experience with us. It is truly amazing how many people have been instrumental in establishing and growing Virnig Manufacturing. We feel very fortunate to have a great group of dedicated employees and loyal customers.


Our Dealers

We view our dealers as partners. Many dealers have been with us since the early days of Virnig Manufacturing. They are an integral part of our success. Our philosophy has always inspired a strong focus on the customer and with the establishment of each new Virnig Dealer; our goal is to develop long term relationships with customers and/or companies.

Virnig is constantly looking for partners who share our passion for unparalleled craftsmanship and quality. If you own a registered business and carry a skid steer loader brand, then the opportunity to become a Virnig Dealer may be right for you. View the Become a Dealer page to learn more.



Our Customers

Your success is our priority. We know the value of your time, and strive to help you get the most out of every minute. We take pride in earning praise for professional expertise, reliability, and quality of service. We have earned a reputation for superior service and quality work in the manufacturing industry through word of mouth and praise from satisfied customers like you. Here are a few quotes from some of our happy customers:


“I have a Virnig (made in Minnesota) 72". Awesome grapple bucket, running on a 3000+ lb. machine and am confident I cannot break or bend it.” (Source)


“You will not buy any better attachments than Virnig Attachments. I have set of Virnig Pallet Forks, 2 Rock Buckets, Snow Bucket, Utility Bucket, Bale Spear, and just ordered a new Material Bucket. The pound rating for Virnig Pallet Forks Are 3930 lb or 6200 lbs. I order a new skid loader with out bucket never had a factory one last more than 4 to 6 months. Virnig bucket only needed to replace cutter edge.” (Source)


“Have a grapple on a 289C Cat around 85 horse I think. I'm not sure how to spell it, Virnig I believe, heavily built and two separate grapples. A lot easier than picking sticks and limbs by hand!” (Source)


“I would suggest Virnig without hesitation. I spent 25+ years in the skid loader attachment industry and at one time sold Virnig Attachments through my company. Excellent products at very fair prices. You might be able to find something less expensive but you won’t find better value than Virnig Attachments. (I no longer have any ties with the company so I have nothing to gain by recommending them).” (Source)

 What’s the Blog Idea?

Enough about us, what will this blog cover, you wonder? This blog is all about skid steer loaders and skid steer loader attachments.

Specifically, it will cover:

  • Problems/Solutions
  • Customer Questions
  • How To’s
  • Preventative Maintenance and Tips
  • New Product
  • Purchasing Guides
  • Challenges
  • Comparisons
  • Productivity
  • Company News
  • Safety
  • Myths
  • And Much More!



  • In depth advice and how-to guides on what works best.
  • Productivity tricks and tips and strategies that will make you more efficient.
  • To be here to help you and provide you with fantastic support with prompt responses.
  • To listen, to care, to appreciate, and to go above and beyond.
  • To be friendly and to value your time.
  • Current content.


Let's Work Together

It is our goal to provide simple, in-depth guides to solve your aggravating problems. We want to educate and help you any way we can. So please ask questions, read some articles, display your knowledge, and strive to have fun!


Here are 4 good reasons to favorite or bookmark the Virnig blog:

  1. You will learn new things about skid steer loaders and attachments.
  2. Everything you read is a distilled product of all the knowledge we have accumulated over the last 25 years.
  3. We provide plenty of useful tips and solutions that the average person can understand.
  4. We have exclusive information - we weren’t able to find it somewhere else, so we wrote about it ourselves.
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