All About Virnig's 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Buckets

The Virnig line includes a wide variety of skid steer bucket attachments. High dump buckets? Check. Skeleton rock buckets? Check. Low-profile dirt buckets? Check. Utility buckets, concrete buckets, and light material buckets? Check, check, and check.

It seems that there’s a bucket available for a wide variety of jobs. But what if you need a bucket that can do more? What if you could have one bucket that goes above and beyond in terms of functionality and versatility? A multi-purpose, 4-in-1 bucket might be right for you.

What'S a 4-in-1 Bucket?

A 4-in-1 bucket, also referred to as a multi-purpose bucket, is capable of performing multiple functions. Its design allows the bottom and sides to separate from the back. With this attachment, operators are able to doze, dig, load, carry and dump material. Plus, the attachment can grip debris (like a grapple) and grade and level dirt.

Closed Position

When closed, the 4-in-1 skid steer bucket operates like a standard bucket, with the added advantage of being able to dump at maximum height. This is due to the bucket's ability to open at bottom to spill out material, which is something that cannot be accomplished with a standard bucket. This “bottom dumping” capability allows the attachment to function as a high-dump bucket as well. Operators can also spread dirt by opening the bottom of the bucket while grading/moving.

Virnig's Multi-Purpose 4-in-1 Bucket attachment releasing a large rock at its highest position. Open Position

When opened, the back of the bucket can serve as a dozer. The clam-style design, allows the 4-in-1 bucket to function as a grapple, picking up materials that couldn’t be handled with a standard bucket. The open position can be also used to quickly clean up or "pinch" the last of any dirt piles instead of shoveling.


Disadvantages of a 4-in-1 Bucket

While multi-purpose buckets offer many advantages, there are also drawbacks. These buckets are heavier than the standard bucket, and they cost more.

The added weight of the cutting edges and hydraulics decrease the total material weight the bucket can carry. For example, the Virnig 72-in. V60 Dirt Bucket weights 700 lbs., while the Virnig 72-in. V50 4-in-1 Bucket weight 960 lbs. Whether or not the added weight will leave your loader with enough lift capacity is important to consider.

Similar-sized dirt buckets will be lower in price, but they will lack the versatility and functionality of a multi-purpose bucket. Take time to assess how valuable the attachment’s extra features are to you.

Virnig’s Multi-Purpose Buckets

The Virnig line offers two 4-in-1 skid steer buckets:

Like all Virnig attachments, our multi-purpose buckets are made with high-strength steel and high-quality wear parts. Our NitroSteel® cylinder rods are corrosion, dent, and flake resistant. When you choose Virnig, you’re choosing attachments that are designed to perform and built to last.
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