5 Reasons In-House Manufacturing Yields Superior Skid Steer Attachments

Oftentimes, skid steer attachment manufacturers will say that their products have the “best quality,” which can make it difficult to determine who actually makes the best products. After all, how do you prove it? Instead of focusing on who can say they’re the best in the loudest voice, let’s take a look at one factor that does increase quality: in-house manufacturing.

5 Reasons to Choose In-House Manufacturing

Hydraulic-Adjust-Pallet-Fork-ActionBy producing a majority of the parts for skid steer attachments in-house, there’s a greater assurance that overall product quality will be higher. Here are five reasons why…  

1. Less Margin for Error

Every time partially complete products or components are packed up and shipped, there’s an increased opportunity for error. With outsourcing, products can be passed through many hands and multiple facilities. Simply put, when there are more steps in a manufacturing process, there are more opportunities for things to go wrong.

2. More Effective Monitoring

In-house manufacturing makes monitoring the quality of components much more fluid. Every member of each department of the manufacturing process knows what a quality attachment looks like and what's required at their step in the process. Everyone knows how they impact the final product. This allows every person to contribute to quality control, meaning assessments and adjustments can be made long before the final product is through the manufacturing process.

3. Product Upgrades Happen More Smoothly

In-house manufacturing is essential to innovation. It requires the ability to quickly manage product upgrades and changes without creating a mountain of problems. When steps in the manufacturing process need to be adapted, this can be handled quickly and efficiently.

4. Production Flow

Manufacturing in-house allows us to keep inventory in the raw state as long as possible, only turning it into product as needed. This makes it possible to monitor for quality while we are building each customer's order. This results in better quality end products than the outsourced alternative: having boxes of inventory shelved for long periods of time that may or may not have issues. In-house manufacturing allows our production to have continuous flow at a consistent level.

5. Proximity to Design

With in-house manufacturing, the design and manufacture of a product happen side-by-side. When this occurs, there’s an ability for design and production personnel to be in constant communication to correct any issues as they occur - long before they become larger problems. 

All of these reasons demonstrate how in-house manufacturing increases the quality of attachments for skid steer loaders.

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