Need Parts for Skid Steer Attachments? Virnig has Stock Inventory

Every once in a while, skid steer attachments require replacement parts. And when those times come up, you usually want the part you need as quickly and easily as possible - especially if the need for a part is slowing down or postponing a project. Here at Virnig, we carry an extensive stock inventory of the wear items and replacement parts our customers need. 

Virnig Attachment Stock Inventory

Hydraulic-Adjust-Pallet-Fork-ActionIn addition to skid steer attachments, we have over 40,000 parts in stock and ready to ship in our facility in Rice, MN. And since our attachments are designed and manufactured at our facility, we already have all the components in-house. Here's a look at what we keep on-hand. 

Wear Items

Even the most durable skid steer attachments take on wear and tear over time. We stock replacement wear parts for all our attachments because we know downtime can be expensive. Some of the most common skid loader attachment wear parts are:

  • Plow wear edges
  • Brush cutter blades
  • Bucket cutting edges

Common Spare Parts

Besides wear items, attachments may require a spare part occasionally. Our most common spare parts are:

  • Cylinder pins
  • Seal kits

So, if your cylinder pins get worn or damaged or you find yourself in need of a seal kit, we keep all the different size cylinder pins and seals that are used on Virnig attachments stocked. 

Seasonal Inventory

Many of our other stock items rotate based on seasonality. For instance, we're winding down on the winter season and preparing for springtime. At our facility, that means focusing less on snow movers and pushers and stocking up on attachments used for landscaping and agriculture. 

When you can quickly and easily get the replacement parts you need to keep your attachment functioning at optimal levels, you can get more done in less time.

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