Virnig Attachments are Built to Last

Since 1989, Virnig has focused on producing high-quality, long-lasting skid steer attachments for you. From engineering and cutting raw materials to machining, welding, and powder coating, Virnig attachments are made in-house. We take pride in that.

By using our in-house design, we're able to keep a close eye on every step of the manufacturing process and ensure our attachments are up to our quality and durability standards. Our process is precise, and our materials are premium.


Virnig Attachments Use Premium Components

Virnig Attachments are Built to LastVirnig skid steer attachments are made using high-quality materials and premium components. Everything from our motors and hoses to our coatings is chosen with quality and performance in mind.

Right-Sized Motors

Here at Virnig, we offer loader-specific hydraulic motor configurations. These configurations ensure optimum performance and longevity, and they're not cheap. We've seen how cheap motors can malfunction or get overworked quickly, so we don't put inferior motors on our attachments that aren’t built to last. We know that quality is a big concern for you. Instead, we consider flow rates and the stress that's put on this equipment when it's used, and we size our motors appropriately.

Hoses with Proper Diameters

Having the right-sized hose for a system's hydraulic flow is going to decrease resistance and allow your motor to run more efficiently. Hoses that are smaller than what's ideal still work, but they’re not as productive.

They create resistance and cause pressure to be lost. When you’re operating an attachment, losing pressure because of the improperly sized hose is going to sacrifice its performance. It’ll also generate unwanted heat. Believe us, those are two things you really don’t want.

Coatings on Cylinders, Wear Parts and Pins

All Virnig cylinder rods use NitroSteel®, which features a dent and flake proof protective layer. Instead of a basic chrome plating, our cylinders are chemically bonded with steel. The NitroSteel® layer helps our cylinders resist corrosion and wear better, which increases their service life.

Our wear parts and pins are zinc plated for both corrosion protection and appearance. You may have seen wear parts painted, which tends to flake off in friction areas. Zinc coating does more to protect wear parts and keep them free of rust. It’s all about creating quality products for you.

Our Commitment to You

We’re committed to you. Virnig attachments are built with the quality you’re looking for and the premium materials you need. We choose these to provide you with exceptional performance and durability. They’re built to last, from the ground up.

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