The Value of Working with a Family-Owned Business: Virnig Manufacturing

Similar to a lot of success stories, ours began in a garage. In 1989, my parents - Dean and Lois Virnig - started Virnig Manufacturing and Welding in our hometown Pierz, Minnesota. From the early beginnings as a small welding and repair shop to our current outfit as a premium skid steer attachment manufacturer, one thing has remained the same: family hospitality.

The Value of Working with a Family-Owned Business: Virnig ManufacturingAs much as I’d like to think it’s all about the product, our business is really about our people. We try to show employees the same hospitality inspired by the small town where it all began.

Solution Oriented

Like a family, every employee at Virnig Manufacturing is expected to step up when problems arise or when someone isn’t available. During times of difficulty, we know to look for solutions rather than blaming others, becoming hostile, or looking the other way. There’s a willingness to always help no matter what department is involved, which helps accomplish tasks quickly.

High Levels of Honesty and Trust

The success of any company lies in the cooperation among co-workers. For us, there are very high levels of honesty and trust among everyone. We talk to each other freely and openly and express true interest in personal matters. When someone knows they belong, they are more likely to put extra effort into the quality of their work and their interactions with others. Every employee of Virnig Manufacturing knows they belong because we show it in our words and our actions.

Employees Talk, We Listen

Communication between supervisors and other staff requires mutual respect and listening. Everyone, regardless of rank or title, has a say in the effectiveness of our day-to-day operations. We value each person’s opinion and listen for ways to make improvements, detect issues, and fix any problems. Employees always have opportunities to provide input and feedback.

Our Formula for Success

In many ways, our true measure of success is employee longevity. Some employees have been here for over 25 years, which isn’t by accident. We’re friendly, and we truly listen to our employees. They respond by remaining loyal and giving us the best effort possible.

As a result of successfully combining family and business, we have an exciting future ahead of us. It’s this spirit that started the company and has driven the company to success for the last 30 years.

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