V60 Hydraulic Snow Blade/Pusher [Infographic]

The V60 Hydraulic Snow Blade/Pusher is different from the other snow attachments you'll find on the market. It's a hybrid of a snow blade and a snow pusher that gives operators the best of both attachments. Using hydraulic controls, you're able to switch from a straight blade to a snow pusher without exiting the cab. 

Since its 2015 release, this skid steer snow blade/pusher attachment has delighted its owners with its speed, efficiency, versatility, and overall quality. There are four available models to choose from below. 

Skid Steer Snow Blade/Pusher Infographic


The V60 Hydraulic Snow Blade/Pusher

With the V60 Hydraulic Snow Blade/Pusher (HSBP), you can roll and contain snow, leaving minimal or no windrows behind. And as you know, less snow left behind means faster, more efficient snow removal. In pusher mode, users get maximum containment, and if some spillage does occur, it can be cleaned up with a quick swipe. 

To see the V60 HSBP in action, watch this video: 

As you saw in the video, the operator can quickly adjust the wings into a pusher position for optimal containment, and both wings can be angled independently of each other using electrical controls. The attachment is also designed to protect itself from damage with multiple trip edges and a relief valve. 

The V60 HSBP's floating frame link and +/- 4 degree oscillation helps the cutting edge maintain solid contact on uneven surfaces which leaves a cleanly plowed surface.

With the V60 HSBP, you have all the best qualities of a skid steer snow pusher and snow blade, built into one. Beyond the basic blade configurations, you can position the blade and each individual wing at any point in-between. You can quickly push, roll and scoop snow. It makes efficient snow removal possible and saves a lot of time.

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