The Virnig Difference

From top to bottom, Virnig Manufacturing is different. Everything from how we approach design, provide service, and interact with our end users sets us apart. We were founded to meet the needs of a Central Minnesota farming community, where we provided repair work to rural farmers and construction workers in the 1990s.

Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the premium manufacturers of skid steer attachments. Our focus is still on the individuals who use our products: the farmers, construction workers, and landscapers who need reliable, durable equipment that’s designed to perform.  

Design and Engineering

If you’ve had the opportunity to view Virnig attachments in person, perhaps at an industry trade show or in your local dealer’s showroom, you could probably see our attachments are different. They're designed with operators in mind, and they provide on-the-job functionality that’s unmatched in the industry today.


All Virnig products are made from quality materials. At the very least, our attachments are made from Grade 50 steel plate, and our high-stress areas use Grade 80. Even our round stock, which we use to create tines, hinge pins, and cylinder pins, is 1045 Cold Finished Stress Relieved steel.

From our choice of motors to which hose diameter goes with which attachment, we pay attention to the details. We’ve even designed wear components and areas requiring maintenance to be more easily accessible for those times when operators need to get at them.   

The Virnig DifferenceIn-House Manufacturing & Product Testing

At Virnig Manufacturing, we believe in the importance of in-house manufacturing. Our products are designed, built, and tested by us. We oversee all steps of the manufacturing process, which allows us to minimize the margin for error, upgrade products more efficiently, and maintain a production flow that yields superior products. Our product testing process ensures any attachment innovations are well-vetted before making it to market.

Post-Sale Service

Beyond our products and their performance, we also place a premium on customer service. If you call on us for customer care, your call isn’t going to be outsourced, and you’re not going to be read to from a script.

Our customer service team is in the same building as our engineers and our manufacturing line. And, they know what they’re talking about. Odds are, you’re going to be speaking to a former mechanic or a welder who used to manufacture our attachments. These representatives have the knowledge and experience to help customers and dealers when they need it.

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