6 Tips for Using Your Angle Power Broom Attachment

Skid steer broom attachments are useful in all climates and all seasons. Whether you’re using your power sweeper to clean streets, clear debris from a construction site, or remove snow, these tips will help you.

Here are six tips to help you keep your power broom attachment in good working condition, extend the life of its wear parts, and protect the ground you’re working on.

1. Use Proper Downforce

Using proper downforce is the most important thing to keep in mind when operating a skid steer sweeper attachment. You only want to flick the ground with the bristles. Pressing down any harder than that does more harm than good. Once bristles become bent, they’re not going to work as well as you want them to.Angle broom sweeps snow off path

Proper downforce not only protects the ground you’re on, but it also protects your bristles — because while bristles are replaceable, they’re not cheap. With proper downforce, operators have a lot of control over how long their bristles last.

2. Know Your Sweeping Paths

Another part of protecting the ground you’re on is knowing where your sweeping paths are (and aren’t). Depending on the type of bristle (all poly or alternating poly/wire), power sweepers can cause damage to various ground types. For example, veering off of a path while sweeping can damage the lawn.

3. Perform General Maintenance

With power broom attachments for skid steers, you’re dealing with a lot of rotating force and heavy bristles. When a broom is operating, there are multiple functions that are happening at one time, so it’s important to be a conscientious operator. Regularly check for general wear and follow the maintenance protocols for your attachment.

4. Let the Attachment Warm Up

Power sweeper attachments, or anything with hydraulic functioning, needs some time to warm up (especially during winter weather). Allowing the oil to cycle through before getting to work is going to extend attachment life.  

5. Mind the Motor

Depending on the design of your sweeper attachment, you might need to be aware of the motor’s position during operation. We realized operators were hitting or knocking their motor when they were sweeping up against buildings or in tighter spaces. As a result, Virnig broom attachments now have 1/4" thick steel motor guard.

Virnig Angle Broom Motor

6. Store Your Broom Properly

Properly storing a sweeper attachment can help protect its bristles. To prevent deformation, you'll want to be sure to store your broom so that there is no pressure on the bristles. The Virnig Angle Broom comes with a broom stand for protecting bristles during storage, which you can see in this video:

When it comes to all there is to know about sweeper attachments, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about operating, maintaining, or choosing options for a broom, you can find that and more in our Ultimate Guide to Skid Steer Brooms. Get your free copy below.

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