Mini Skid Steer Attachments for Construction & Landscaping (SERIES)


When a traditional skid steer or compact tractor can’t access a job site, don’t resort to manual labor for your construction or landscaping business. Mini skid steers are flexible machines able to access areas too small or too tight for larger loaders.

Powerful enough to withstand even the harshest environments, Virnig mini skid steer attachments expand capacity and boost efficiency for many professions. Landscapers, lawn care specialists, laborers, hobby farmers, utility operators, and construction workers need versatile, reliable equipment which works as hard as they do. 

Virnig mini skid steer attachments
are compatible with top mini loader brands like ASV, Bobcat, Ditch Witch, Toro, Vermeer, Wacker-Neuson, Kubota, and more! We offer three custom mount styles to choose from: Mini Universal (Toro), Bobcat, and ASV.  

Read on for more about our Mini Angle Broom, Power Rake, and Brush Cutters, and ways in which they outperform the competition.  

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V20 Mini Skid Steer Angle Broom 
V20 Mini Skid Steer Power Rake 
V20 Mini Skid Steer Open Front Brush Cutter 
V20 Mini Skid Steer Closed Front Brush Cutter
Competitor Mini Attachment Weaknesses  
Why choose Virnig Mini Skid Steer Attachments? 


Construction & Landscaping Product Line-Up: V20 Mini Skid Steer Attachments 

It’s not just about getting the job done. Choosing a reliable attachment means less downtime, less replacement of wear parts, more productivity, and faster completion. Here are a few mini skid steer attachments that landscaping and construction workers depend on to get the job done right, the first pass. 



Whether sweeping parking lots, paved areas, paths, sidewalks, or warehouses, the Mini Angle Broom is a flexible clean-up tool for many work areas. With a recessed, guarded direct drive Eaton® motor and exclusive self-centering swing linkage system, get optimal sweeping with this Mini Broom.

The swing linkage system keeps the broom centered in front of the loader to keep the broom and loader on the pathway, which reduces damage to surfaces outside the desired cleaning area. More key features include a 1.25” greaseable bearing, easily replaceable wafers (no need to disconnect hoses), a flip stand to protect bristles during storage, and an optional hydraulic angle.


V20-CPR_Side_Feature-800px-1V20 MINI SKID STEER POWER RAKE

Grade soil and gravel, prepare seedbeds, aggressively dethatch, renovate lawns, and remove excess debris with the Mini Power Rake. Bi-directional operation allows grading in forward or reverse.

The rake can be angled 25 degrees left or right, and the floating design means a smooth finish even on tricky terrain. Carbide tip teeth, flat free tires, an optional hydraulic angle, and a direct drive Eaton® motor allow operators to maintain productive, efficient work.


This open front mini brush cutter cuts up to 3” diameter trees. Exposed blades allow faster cutting to clear brush and tall grass in one pass. The direct drive, USA-made motor is a proven performer and the same series of motor we’ve been using on brooms and skid steer brush cutters for many years.


This mini but mighty brush cutter cuts up to 3” diameter trees and clears grass and brush in one pass with ease. The direct drive Eaton® motor is a premium quality performer, and the same type of motor we’ve been using on Virnig skid steer attachments for many years.




Competitor Mini ATTACHMENT Weaknesses 

One critical differentiator when it comes to the Virnig mini skid steer attachments is that our new line is built for the largest mini loaders on the market. Most competitor mini attachments were designed decades ago and were designed for mini loaders with 500-600lb operating capacity. By building attachments stronger for larger, more powerful mini skid steers we’re guaranteeing performance down the road.

Here are many other weaknesses we discovered while researching the mini skid steer attachments currently in circulation today. We intentionally built our new mini attachments to combat the following pain points and issues. 

Mini Angle Broom

Some broom attachments use a chain drive system, which has potential issues such as sprockets or the chain misaligning. Our V20 Angle Broom was designed with a direct drive motor, which requires less maintenance, less wear parts, and less downtime. 

Competitor brooms don’t protect their most valuable asset, the motor. Virnig’s Angle Broom motor is partially hidden in the frame, which makes it less likely to run into obstructions. It also has a motor guard to help defend the USA-made motor against damage.   

Virnig Angle Broom MotorClose-up of Virnig's Eaton® motor which is recessed into the frame AND guarded.

On this competitor broom you'll notice the entire motor is installed outside the broom. 

In addition to the guard, Virnig’s brooms have pressure relief valves. They’re easy to access and provide some cushion in the hydraulic system for when operators are constantly switching the rotation of the wafers. Without the valves, seals and other internal components may fail prematurely and risk hazardous pressure spikes.  

Virnig’s intuitive self-centering swing linkage system keeps the broom centered in front of the loader. This system helps keep both the broom and loader on the sidewalk when sweeping at an angle. This reduces damage to surfaces outside the desired cleaning area. When angling competitor brooms, the broom is rigid and doesn’t stay centered on the loader. It can make sweeping sidewalks and other tight spaces difficult since one side of the broom will be hanging far outside of the loader’s tracks when angled.

Even OEM dealers who manufacture their own attachments preferred the Virnig Angle Broom over their own model during testing! The primary reason is the Angle Broom’s swing mechanism, which helps sweep uneven surfaces better with less operator adjustment.  

Most brooms come standard with poly wafers, which are inferior to Virnig’s poly/steel solution. The wire is used to cut through debris, and the poly is used to lift the material. It’s the best all-around option for most jobs. 


Mini Power Rake

The first component to call out is the tire. Most competitors don’t have flat free tires, so we made a point to design starting with flat free tires which require no maintenance. 

Some rakes on the market do not float. The Virnig V20 Power Rake comes standard with a floating mount which can also be locked into a rigid mount. 

competitor-mini-power-rake-tireCompetitor power rake which is manual angle only and has an air-filled tire. 

A few competitor rakes only come with manual angle and don’t have a hydraulic angle option. Virnig has both manual angle and a hydraulic angle option for operators to change the angle of the rake from their fingertips. 

Some competitor rakes are only compatible with mini skid steers with a flow rate up to 15 GPM. Virnig’s Mini Power Rake is compatible with mini skid steers with a flow rate of 10-18 GPM.  

Some power rake attachments utilize a chain drive system, which has potential issues such as sprockets misaligning or the chain misaligning. Our V20 Power Rake was designed with a direct drive motor, which requires less maintenance, less wear parts, and less downtime.

competitor-power-rake Competitor chain drive systems require more maintenance and are prone to problems. 


Mini Brush Cutters

Competitor flywheels are 2-3x lighter and will bog down when cutting thicker material. Most are designed to cut grass. The heavyweight, 150lb flywheel on the 48” V20 Mini Skid Steer Brush Cutter is rated to cut up to 3” diameter trees. 

The spindle is the most expensive cutter component and the most susceptible to damage and misuse. It’s responsible for smoothly transferring power from the hydraulic motor to the flywheel and absorbing impact which could damage the motor. Virnig Mini Skid Steer Cutters feature spindle guards. Without a guard, seals are more prone to damage which will cause the spindle to leak and run without oil. The spindle will eventually fail and need to be replaced.  

Virnig Mini Brush Cutters were designed with a direct drive motor, which requires less maintenance, less wear parts, and less downtime. Competitors that use a gear box face numerous issues:

  1. Hydraulic efficiency measures around 70% vs. Virnig's 90+%. Power loss in the gear box is mainly due to friction which generates heat. As the motor and gears wear, blade tip speed and torque will decrease.
  2. Many parts, like gears, can be avoided using a direct drive system.
  3. More maintenance is required because of the gear box AND motor.
  4. Poor maintenance results in excessive vibration and noise, increased hydraulic temperature, and reduced performance.
  5. Gear box systems can only power lightweight flywheels. A heavy flywheel may overload and shorten component life.
  6. Gear boxes have a higher chance of leakage.

competitor-brush-cutterCompetitor brush cutter with a gear box and motor.

Relief valves come standard on all Virnig Mini Brush Cutters to help prevent damage and downtime caused from over-pressurized hydraulic systems. Without relief valves, seals and hoses may fail from excessive pressure, causing frustration and downtime.  

Virnig’s hydraulic braking feature provides vital operator protection. When an operator stops hydraulic flow to the cutter, the braking will engage to stop the flywheel in 10 seconds or less and decrease the risk of an operator getting hit by debris or by the cutter blades. Without braking, the flywheel and blades on competitor models will keep spinning for minutes instead of seconds. The only way to slow them down is to run the blades into the ground which will create extra wear.  

Why choose Virnig Mini Skid Steer ATTACHMENTs?

Virnig mini attachments are commercial grade, made with premium quality materials and craftsmanship. These mini attachments are built for those who make a living on them and are well worth the initial investment. Not only was special care invested in initially prototyping and testing, a lot of work goes into improving the designs post-launch as well. 

Virnig’s 3D modeling software is used to stress test to ensure proper fit and durability. More importantly, we can ensure the final build has just the right level of strength. Attachments are reinforced where they need to be, without being overbuilt which would make them unnecessarily heavier and more expensive.  

Once the stress tests are complete, prototypes are built and tested internally. Then, prototypes are released for further testing by dealers and heavy use customers who make a living on these attachments. Finally, Virnig sells attachments to dealers who sell to the public, but it doesn’t end there! Your direct feedback also improves Virnig's designs. The greatest benefit of designing and manufacturing all in-house is Virnig can rapidly update every single attachment to stay on top of industry advancements. 


Need help choosing the right mini skid steer attachment for your construction or landscaping business? Please email us or give us a call to speak with our dedicated and experienced customer service team.  

If you know what attachment you'd like, find a dealer near you to check pricing and availability.

Browse all the mini skid steer attachments Virnig currently offers on our website here. There is a category specifically dedicated to construction and landscaping!


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