NEW! 48” Mini Skid Steer Tiller Attachment by Virnig Manufacturing


Virnig Manufacturing is thrilled to introduce our 15th official attachment on the V20 line-up: The Mini Skid Steer Tiller Attachment

With a high torque USA-made Eaton® motor, and dual-edged tines for bi-directional operation, the V20 Mini Tiller attachment is guaranteed to deliver ground breaking performance.  

The motor is guarded on the bottom and sides, which means the most important and most expensive component is well protected. The motor also features relief valve protection from pressure spikes. 

The 24 tiller tines were designed specifically for longevity with heavy use. They’re heat treated and dual-edged for bi-directional operation, to prepare soil and to quickly cover tracks. They’re also bolt-on, so when eventually there comes a need for tine replacement, the process is fast and simple. 

Adjustable skid shoes allow the operator to vary digging depth from 4” to 6”. The tiller shaft is supported by 2” diameter bearings on each side.  

Mini skid steer tillers can be used for many tasks beyond just mixing and loosening soil. They can also be utilized for grading, leveling, fertilizing, and aggressively weeding. Their compact size makes them ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, especially residential landscaping work. 


V20 Mini SKID STEER Tiller Features 

  • Bolt-On, Heat Treated, Dual-Edged Tines
  • High Torque Eaton® Motor
  • Bi-Directional Operation
  • Adjustable Skid Shoes Provide 4-6” Tilling Depth
  • 3 Mount Styles to Fit Nearly All Mini Skid Steer Machines 

Mini Tiller Specifications

  • 48” Working Width
  • 6” Tilling Depth
  • 10-18 GPM Recommended Flow Rate
  • 500+ lb Recommended Loader Capacity 

For more specs, please click here!  


Comparing Virnig’s Mini Skid Steer Tiller to The Current Market 

When choosing a mini skid steer tiller, there are several factors to consider. The first is the width of the tiller, which can range from 36 to 56+ inches. Width of the mini tiller will determine the amount of soil that can be tilled at once. When evaluating competitors with 36”, 40”, and even 42” models, we determined a 48” working width made the most sense to align with our goal of producing bigger, better attachments for the modern mini skid steer. 

Another important specification is the digging depth of the tiller, and whether or not it utilizes adjustable skid shoes. Competitor tiller depth is up to 6”, some are adjustable but most are not.  


Ask yourself if the tines are replaceable and reversible, and if so, is it an easy process? Are the tines bolt-on or weld-on? What is the quality of the steel? Strength and durability are important to know for any wear parts, but especially for tiller tines. Rocks and compacted ground can quickly break down inferior blades. W
e’ve used the same exact tines on our skid steer Tiller for many years so they're proven performers.

Attachment compatibility is our most obvious callout to consider when choosing a mini skid steer tiller. Make sure to check that the mini tiller is compatible with your specific mini skid steer model. Virnig mini skid steer attachments offer 3 different mount options, which means they’re compatible with most mini loaders on the market. 


Pro Tip: 
Here’s an extensive write-up on our new line of mini skid steer attachments, which goes into detail about what distinguishes all of our mini attachments from competitors.  


Final Thoughts on the Mini Skid Steer Tiller 

We really cannot stress enough the importance of using quality equipment for optimal results. If you’re in the landscaping or construction industry, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. And those tools must perform on demand.  

Virnig has a long history of intelligent design, premium components, and decades of industry experience. We stand behind all our products with a 1 Year Warranty, and have a dedicated service team to help support any issues that may arise. We’re so confident in our high quality attachments that we put our own family name on every single one. 

Virnig is not just a brand. It’s the family legacy. 

If you’re thinking about adding a mini skid steer tiller to your attachment line, choose equipment that works as hard as you do. Our attachments are designed for those who make a living off them. The V20 Mini Skid Steer Tiller is crafted with the same performance and excellence you’ve come to expect from Virnig attachments.  

Here’s the first step: Click to find your local Virnig Dealership.  


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