Product Comparison: Virnig vs. Competitors

There are a lot of things that go into building skid loader attachments, and one person is going to judge them differently from the next. When we go about comparing our attachments, it’s less about what the other guys are doing and more about the decisions we’re making. 

Comparing Skid Loader Attachments

When someone is looking at purchasing an attachment, it's difficult to know every variable they will consider. But while many different factors do come into play, these are the main ones any customer will consider:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Reputation
Product Comparison: Virnig vs. Competitors

Comparing skid steer attachments, especially across different brands, can get complex. For instance, if you’re looking to compare skid loader attachments based on price, it’s important to realize it’s not a straight comparison.

Any differences in motor type or steel grade make an impact on performance, but those differences aren’t always clear when you’re comparing based on price. From that example, you can start to see how it’s difficult to pick out one factor and make your decision based on that.

If you’re looking to compare skid loader attachments, start with the following questions:

Was It Designed In-House?

Every single attachment begins with design. It’s where manufacturers have that first opportunity to decide what level of quality an attachment will have.

During our design phase, we run computer models and conduct stress tests on all of our weld points, so we know exactly what our attachments are built to withstand. We also build several test units for skid steer users to test. This ability to test durability long before an attachment reaches the market is essential. And because we have in-house designers, we’re able to react to customer feedback or market needs quickly.

Are the Materials and Components High Quality?

Time is a judge of quality. Every attachment looks great the first time it’s attached to a skid steer. But how will it perform after a week of heavy use? Or a month or year? As time goes on you will realize if the attachment was built with cheap materials for a low price or if it was built with premium materials for longevity. It's always important to consider quality when purchasing skid steer attachments.

The overall quality of a piece of machinery depends on the quality of materials it’s made from. It’s a lot like when you’re cooking. Starting with fresh, high-quality ingredients gives you a foundation for a top-notch final dish. With attachments, starting with high-grade steel and premium components gives you the foundation for a high-quality attachment. Virnig attachments are built with quality materials and components from the ground up.

How Will Service Needs be Met?

Skid steer attachments are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that are expected to perform in high-stress environments. Still, at some point over the course of an attachment's use, something will wear down, break, or need replacing. And when any of that happens with a Virnig attachment, our customers experience a level of service that’s at the top of the industry.

Earning Brand Loyalty

We always want to manufacture products that are going to perform better and withstand the test of time. We have customers contacting us, needing replacement parts for 15-year-old Virnig grapple attachments. That's a testament to the design, quality and craftsmanship of our attachments. At the end of the day, we want to provide attachments with a long service life.

When our customers come back to purchase additional attachments after owning one for a year or two, it’s the ultimate endorsement of the work we do.

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