7 Reasons Why Virnig Attachments Belong in Your Rental Fleet

Your rental business depends on equipment, so it’s crucial to purchase quality skid steer attachments which will maximize uptime and your return on investment.

When you choose attachments for your rental fleet, I hope you choose Virnig. Here are 7 reasons why you should:


An irreplaceable component of attachment quality is our design process and capabilities. By utilizing 3D modeling and structural analysis software, we know the attachments are built to withstand on-the-job stress without being weighed down by excess steel.

When we design attachments, we’re keeping in mind how we can best utilize the lift capacity and hydraulic performance of the new, larger loaders. We’re looking to ensure our attachment components match the skid loaders. As they become bigger, faster, and stronger, our attachment designs need to adapt.

In our designs, we’re always open to changes that avoid breakdowns. Replacing wear parts and providing general maintenance is a normal part of owning skid steer attachments, but when it comes to breakdowns or equipment failure, design influences prevention.

Also, our in-house design capabilities are unmatched. Our lead design engineer owns decades of experience developing the most durable and capable attachments. I realize design is only one component of overall quality, which brings me to the next point: Virnig skid steer attachments feature premium materials and components.


IMG_6031From steel grade to their powder-coat finish, Virnig attachments are made from premium materials. Our material choices are made with quality and performance in mind. We utilize Grade 80 steel for high-stress areas and at least Grade 50 everywhere else. Even the cylinders, pins, and wear parts are a cut above the rest.

We only use high quality made motors and right-sized hoses per each system’s hydraulic flow, allowing motors to run at their most efficient capacity. When you see skid steer power rake or broom attachment that is $500 cheaper than a Virnig, I can almost guarantee it has a cheap, undersized motor that was made in China.

The bad news for rental managers is by the time an overworked motor fails, the attachment will likely be out of the warranty period. Now, one has a costly repair on a machine that has only been been in the field a couple of times.

Some manufacturers use smaller diameter hoses or undersized motors on their attachments because they are less expensive. This typically results in excess wear, loss of efficiency, and premature failure. Properly sized motors and hoses are required for maximum efficiency and longevity. These things coupled with proper maintenance will result in a lower total cost of ownership.


Regardless of how an attachment is used, it’s going to require maintenance. Our wear parts are easy to access and swap out. For example, broom wafers can be replaced quickly and easily without disconnecting the hydraulic hoses. Additionally, there’s easy access to the broom motor.

We use a lot of the same parts across different attachments, and if something breaks we have most parts in stock and ready to ship the same day.


When managing a fleet, there are two main factors that determine the cost. One is the upfront expense of the equipment; the other often overlooked factor is how long it will last in the field. If you’re choosing the cheapest skid steer attachments, chances are you’re going to be constantly repairing and will have to buy new equipment sooner than later.

All the benefits of owning Virnig skid steer attachments add up to one big reality: lower total cost of ownership. Sure, the upfront investment might be higher, but when you look at the total lifetime cost, Virnig comes out on top. Plus, you can always sell the attachment and make some money back since Virnig attachments retain their value well.


Virnig skid steer attachments retain their value. You’ll be able to rent it out a few times and sell it. This is a great way to ensure most of your attachment rentals have low usage hours. Some businesses rent equipment to try it before purchasing. If they like it they’ll probably buy it. I’d be willing to bet your customers will love using Virnig attachments and will appreciate our after-sale service and support.


When you buy a Virnig attachment, know you’re going to receive top-notch customer service. We know the great support you receive from us is going to have a positive impact and may establish a long term relationship.  Our customer service team knows our products and understand how they work. We have a combined 23 years of experience in our service department, and we even have a former welder to help answer your questions if needed.

Dealers definitely appreciate being able to call in and trust that they’re getting the correct answers. Our customer service team is great at giving out information and doing the necessary research. We run at problems instead of away from them.

Also, we always come in at or under our lead times, and if we say we're going to do something, we're going to do it. That’s our commitment to dealers.


Even the most durable skid steer attachments take on wear and tear over time. We stock over 40,000 replacement wear parts for all our attachments because we know downtime can be expensive. Some of the most common skid loader attachment wear parts are:

  • Plow wear edges

  • Brush cutter blades

  • Bucket cutting edges

Besides wear items, attachments may require a spare part occasionally. Our most common spare parts are:

  • Cylinder pins

  • Seal kits

  • Cutter blade kits

So, if your cylinder pins get worn or damaged or you find yourself in need of a seal kit, we keep all the different size cylinder pins and seals that are used on Virnig attachments stocked and ready to ship the same day.


If you’re considering buying skid steer attachments to supplement your rental fleet, we can help you get started. We have a full lineup of over 80 attachments available (350+ models). You can view all the attachments here or talk to me, Nick, or another customer representative at 800-648-2408. We look forward to hearing from you.

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