How Virnig Supports Your Dealership Goals and Sales

When you’re on the hunt for high-quality skid steer attachments, it’s no surprise the Virnig brand comes up. The farmers, landscapers, and construction workers who use our attachments experience our reputation for top-quality skid steer attachments first-hand. And so do the dealers who carry our product line and work directly with customers.

Working with Skid Steer Attachment Dealers

How Virnig Supports Your Dealership Goals and SalesAs I mentioned in a previous post, one thing we don’t do is sell our attachments directly to customers. We do develop, design, test, manufacture, and ship our attachments. We even provide after-purchase customer support for our attachments, but selling them is a job best left to the dealers. Still, we believe in the importance of supporting our dealers as they work to accomplish their goals.  

Skid steer attachment dealers have goals or initiatives they’re trying to accomplish. What those goals are is going to vary based on individual outfits, but regardless, we’re here to help.

Product Availability

First, we have the availability of our skid steer attachments. These attachments are designed and manufactured by us, and only by us, at our headquarters in Rice, MN. Our main offices and our manufacturing floor are literally steps from each other. And that’s all to say that we are hands-on in our manufacturing and well aware of our available stock. This is true for attachments and also the replacement and wear parts any operator will need for maintaining and servicing their attachment.

Personnel Availability

Second, I am available anytime dealers need me. They have my cell phone number, and my ringer is always on. And that’s true for reps in the other territories across the United States, too. I’m fielding questions whenever they come through and helping dealers out with quick response times, especially when it comes to delivering quotes.

Shipping and Lead Times

We are always on our lead times. One of the benefits of in-house manufacturing is that we have a handle on where our production runs are at and when a specific order is going to be done. Plus, whether we’re shipping an entire truckload or a pallet, we coordinate all the moving pieces, meaning all our dealers have to do is receive the shipment. Everything, from the timing to the product packaging, is done with the dealer in mind.  

After-Purchase Support

Just like for any business, word of mouth is a big factor. And after-purchase support, even though it’s out of the hands of dealers, can have a big impact on a customer’s experience. When dealers sell a Virnig product, they know their customers are going to receive top-notch customer support whenever they call on us. And we know that the great support they receive from us is going to have a positive impact on their overall experience working with their dealer.

As an after-market manufacturer, we know there’s nothing forcing dealers to stock our product, but a lot of them still do. And I believe that’s because of the quality of our products and also the effort we put into supporting and strengthening dealer partnerships.

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